Lost realms have six starting classes, Mage, Cleric, Thief, Warrior, Shaman and 
Psionicist. After Player have achieved level 41 he may become a specialist of 
his art. An example, mage who gains level 41 may specialize as Necromancer, 
Abjurer, Conjurer, Diviner, Enchanter, Illusionist, Invoker or Transmuter. Each 
of them have certain advantages and disadvantages.
Psionicist and Shamans can not specialize deeper in their class.
  Mage                       - Those who read the books. 
  Necromancer                - Specialist in death and undead.
  Abjurer                    - Specialist in magic defense.
  Conjurer                   - Specialist in summoning. 
  Diviner                    - Specialist in detection.
  Enchanter                  - Specialist in enchanting.
  Illusionist                - Specialist in illusions. 
  Invoker                    - Specialist in energy manipulation.
  Transmuter                 - Specialist in altering things.
  Cleric                     - General Cleric. 
  Priest                     - Priest of some specific god.
  Druid                      - Priest of nature.
  Thief                      - Uncaught thief is no thief.
  Assassin                   - Specialist of killing and poisons.
  Stalker                    - More like a spy.
  Shwashbuckler              - A scout with good combat skills. 
  Warrior                    - Swords best friend. 
  Paladin                    - Warriors with divine support.
  Blademaster                - Specialist of blades.
  Berserker                  - Crazy creatures with weapons.
  Ranger                     - The protector of nature.
  Shaman                     - Knows something in everything.
  Psionicist                 - The mindhacker.

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