Abjuration is the school of spells what will not affect things directly but 
via situation. Seems there mostly trash spells in abjuration school, but this 
is not so, as each spell may alter the situation in to some ones favor, it 
depends only when and how to use it. Abjurers gain very high percentage in 
abjuration school but they can not learn spells from divination school.
The spells of Abjuration are:
Create Oil             -  Recharges your light source.
Silence                -  Removes creatures ability to speak.
Change Sex             -  Changes the man into woman and vice versa.
Block Door             -  Blocks magically door for medium duration.
Break Door             -  Breaks the door or removes magic block from it.
Dispel Magic           -  Removes magical effect from creatures, rooms or 
Weather Control        -  Changes weather in the area where caster is.
Darkness               -  Darkens the area where caster is.
Freeze                 -  Covers creature with thick ice for short duration.
This list of spells can be learned from any Abjuration teacher.
See also: Specialization, Class, Mage, Spells.

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