Psionics are those who bend and twist with others mind and will.
Psionics can even force others to do what they want. Also psionics can improve
their ability to fight and defend themselves with the power of mind.
Please note that psionicists don't need to perform any incantations in order
to cast a spell, they do it with a power of their mind. Only a strong minded
creatures can notice if psionicist begins invoking powers of his mind which
makes them even more danagerous.
Psionics can not specialize.
Psionics can learn following Powers:
Psionic Blast          - Deal damage to victim.
Cell Adjustment        - Removes curse, plaque, poison, blindness.
Combat Mind            - Gives physical protection.
Hypnose                - Forces Victim to sleep.
Disintegrate           - Damages victim or destroys it.
Displacement           - Moves victim or caster around areas.
Ego Whip               - Weakens victim.
Energy Containment     - Helps against spells.
Enhanced Strength      - Enhances casters strength.
Inertial Barrier       - Absorbs physical damage.
Inflict Pain           - Deals damage to victim.
Intellect Fortress     - Gives Physical protection.
Lend Health            - Lends victims health.
Mental Barrier         - Gives Physical protection.
Mind Thrust            - Deals damage to victim.
Project Force          - Deals damage to victim.
Psyhic Crush           - Deals damage to victim.
Psyhic Drain           - Weakens victim.
Share Strength         - Equalizes strength of a group.
Thought Shield         - Gives protection from magical damage.
Psyhic Healing         - Heals Caster.
Ultrablast             - Deals damage to several victims.
Adrenaline Control     - Hastens the caster.
Domination             - Gives a full control over a victim.
Ballistic Attack       - Deals damage to victim.
Create Sound           - Forces victims to flee in panic.
Disrupt                - Wounds victim.
Ectoplasmatic Form     - Helps pass doors, fly and breathe underwater.
Mass hypnosis          - Charms a lot of creatures.
Tower of Iron Will     - helps against spells, absorbs damage and protects.
This list of spells can be learned from various psionic masters over realms.
See also: Specialize, Class, Skills.

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