Enchantment is the school what teaches how to improve existing things with 
magic, also they tend to bend creatures minds. Enchanter gains a high percent 
in the knowledge of enchantment school but spells from invocation school are 
unreachable for them.
An Enchantment spells are: 
Store                - Allows to the caster to store spells.
Enchant Armor        - Enchants the piece of armor.
Enchant Weapon       - Enchants the weapon.
Giant Strength       - Makes caster a lot stronger.
Sleep                - Forces the victim to sleep for short period.
Charm Person         - Will make victim to listen casters suggestions.
Enchant Scroll       - Allows to the caster to create a scroll.
This list of spells can be learned from Enchantment teachers.
See also: Specialization, Class, Mage, Spells.

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