Divination is a School of knowledge, diviners want to know how things work in
universe and why they work so as they work. Diviners will gain high percent 
in their knowledge of divination sphere but they can not learn spells from
 abjuration school.
The Divination spells are:
Infravision        - Allows to see creatures in the dark.
Identify           - Will reveal information about object.
Detect Invis       - Allows to detect invisible things.
Detect Magic       - Allows to detect magical things and auras. 
Detect Evil        - Allows to detect evil creatures.
Detect Hidden      - Allows to see hidden objects and creatures.
Locate Object      - Locates a teleport key for some object.
Locate Life        - Locates a teleport key to some creature.
Know Weakness      - Reveals resistances and vulnerabilites of creatures.
Faerie Fire        - Reveals a red aura around creatures. 
Faerie Fog         - Creates a foggy cloud to prevent sneaking.
Scry               - Allows to see over distance. 
Watch Room         - Allows to watch some areas for longer period.
Find the Path      - Shows the way to the teleport key.
This list of spells can be learned from Divination teachers.
See also: Specialization, Class, Mage, Spells.

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