List of races in Lost Realms
Good:    Humans       - most common race without any special abilities
-----    Dwarves      - small but very tough, not so bright though
         Elves        - quick thinkers and immune to some diseases
         HalfElves    - a little bit of everything, just like humans
         Hobbits      - great agility makes them perfect thieves
         Kenders      - natural born assassinators, desert people
         Giants       - big and tough, somewhat dumb but friendly
         Gremlins     - small and quick, oh and they can fly too!
Dark:    *Orcs        - great strength makes them perfect fighters
-----    *HalfOrcs    - weaker than orcs but more intelligent
         *Demons      - great magic users, extremely dangerous in the dark
         *Numenoreans - human warlocks corrupted by the power of darkness
         **Trolls     - big, strong, ugly and DUMB killing machines
Misties: **Ghosts     - physically weak but extremely good spellcasters
        * - races meant for experienced players only.
       ** - Will die instantly upon contact with sunlight.

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