The kind of death a character suffers (mobdeath, pk, other) now depends
not only on the immediate cause of the death, but also on the person who
present in room with character at the moment of death. If mobile got last
blow on the character and no PCs from other side of war present in the
room - character will suffer mobdeath and WILL loose his age.
If at least one player from the other side of war present in the room and 
mobile got last hit character will suffer mobdeath WITHOUT age loosing.
If it was death from a PC character then you loose alot less experience
and don't loose any age. Also if you die to mobs after a small perioud of
time since you received some damage from a PC character you suffer mobdeath 
WITHOUT loosing age.
Any other type of death won't result loosing age and generally have less
drastic effect on the character, unless it was a SUNDEATH.
After death character will appear in the Halls Of The Dead and will stay
there untill his wounds are healed enough to return to the living world.
Then he must type 'leave' <name of the hometown here> and will be 
transferred to that location. If character has only 1 citizenship, no
argument is required with 'leave' command.
Any death events are logged in character history and can be viewed by the
means of the 'history' command.
Player corpses are saved on reboots and crashes and you can no longer worry
if you should get your eq from the corpse if there is a reboot coming.
Of course corpses can decay with time.
See also: Death traps, Citizen, History.

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