Conjuration is school of magic what mostly deals with loaning. Energy or 
creatures or maybe even any one's soul, nothing is limited with the magic 
of this school. Conjurers gain high percent in their knowledge of 
Conjuration school but they cannot learn spells from Alternation school.
The Conjuration spells are:
Summon                 - Can summon a creature half of summoners level.
Teleport               - Teleports victim in to another place.
Portal                 - Creates a portal to another place.
Summon Fiend           - Summons some hellish Fiend. 
Summon Demon           - Summons some Demon.
Summon Dragon          - Summons a Dragon.
Astral Gateway         - Transfers caster in the astral form.
This list of spells can be learned from Conjuration teachers.
See also: Specialization, Class, Mage, Spells.

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