Your character advances in power by gaining experience.
You gain experience by:
- being part of a group that kills a monster
- killing a monster
- dealing a damage to the monster
- killing a different skin player
You lose experience by:
- being the target of 'energy drain' spell
- dying
- killing same side player
The experience you get from a kill depends on several things: 
- how many players are in your group
- how many of this monster have been killed lately
- some random variation.
Lost Realms have 100 mortal levels. When leveling you gain major skills,
spells and hps, mana until level 31. Level 31 to level 41 you gain some 
powerful spells and skills, and minor hp, mana. After level 41 you gain minor 
hp and mana.
See also: Levels, Titles, Legend, Master, Immortal, Dual Class.

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