Thieves are strange folk, usually total sick finger guys but not always, some 
of them earn for living as mercenary, stealing things for rich folk who pay 
for it. The only thief is caught thief, so they tend to do all that no one 
will know who they really are. Dealing with thief may always end having a 
little less weight to carry than before. Thieves can specialize into Assassin,
Stalker and Shwashbuckler. 
Dexterity and Perception are prime statistics for a thief.
Kenders and Hobbits are excellent and Elves and Half-orcs tend to make very 
good thieves.
Giants and Trolls are too big and stupid to have any skill in it and Demons, 
Numenoreans and Ghosts are too proud to do it.
Thieves special skills are:
Plant Item
This list of skills can be learned from few master thieves.
See also: Assassin, Stalker, Shwashbuckler, Specialize, Class.

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