Mages are those who know how things work and they know that definitely
the word is mightier than a sword. Mages tend to be most intelligent
examples of their race, they definitely hate doing a physical work and
their philosophy is seven times measure and one time cut.
They are able to use spells and they are very good at it. Mages are poor
fighters and they dont respect clerics and all divine pow er.They tend
to be selfish and proud so dont wonder if you are transmuted to pig
after making some commentary directed to a mage. Mages can specialize
to Necromancer, Abjurer, Conjurer, Diviner, Enchanter, Illusionist,
Invoker or Transmuter.
Intelligence and Wisdom are prime statistics for a mage
Elves, Ghosts, Numenors and Demons are known to have good mages.
Orcs and Gremlins have had terrible mages.
Giants and Trolls are too dumb to even dream about being a mage.
See also: Necromancer, Abjurer, Conjurer, Diviner, Enchanter, Illusionist,
          Invoker, Transmuter, Schools, Specialize, Class.

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