Alternation school is specialized in changing the things, they just do not
believe that the world is how it is and even somehow they manage to alter it.
Transmuter gains a high percent in Alternation school but can not learn spells
from conjuration school.
The Alternation spells are:
Armor               - Improves defense for physical attacks.
Flesh Armor         - Makes caster resistant to blunt damage.
Shield              - Protects caster from magical damage.
Water Breath        - Allows to the caster to breath underwater.
Astral Form         - Allows to the caster to pass solid objects.
Haste               - Allows to the caster to act faster.
Fly                 - Allows to the caster to fly.
Stone Skin          - Transfers casters skin to stone.
Mass Fly            - Allows for the lot of creatures to fly.
Mirror Skin         - Mirrors spells back to caster.
Blur                - Protects caster from spells and physical damage.
Create Golem        - Creates an iron golem to guard something.
This list of spells can be learned from Alternation teachers.
See also: Specialization, Class, Mage, Spells.

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