Welcome to Lost Realms. 
 There is a limited number of unrestricted PlayerKilling MUDs in the world and 
LR is certainly among their elite, probably even the best there is. Lost 
Realms is based on many different books and legends: J.R.R. Tolkien, 
R. Zelazny, as well as immortals' fantasy have played an important part in 
forming this MUD. It can be said without any doubt that playing Lost Realms
will be an experience you will not regret, once you have got deeper into this 
MUD. For better roleplay you should also read our back-ground story, which can
be accessed by typing 'HELP STORY' or just 'STORY'
 If you  are new to Lost Realms, it is advised for you to play a human for 
your first character. The hardest to play are probably ghosts and trolls, as 
they are unable to explore at daytime. Orcs, Half-Orcs, Demons and Numenoreans
are also considered hard to play. Therefore you should pick either Human or 
some other white or brown race for your first character.
 If Lost Realms is your first MUD everm you should ask other players and 
immortals to help you. To do so use gossip channel, by typing 'GOSSIP 
<text you want them to hear>'. Every player of Lost Realms should check out 
three basic help topics: 'HELP NEWBIE', 'HELP BASICS' and 'HELP ADVANCED'. 
These helps contain brief explanations of most often used commands in this MUD.
When starting to play a new race be sure to read your race's personal help, 
which can be accessed by typing 'HELP 'racename here'.  Also be sure to read 
'HELP RULES', as in case of breaking those rules not knowing them will not be 
treated as an excuse.
 On first 15 levels you will be able to use commands 'OUTFIT' and 'RECALL', 
first of which will provide you with some newbie equipment, and second of 
which will transport you back to where you started, should you get lost. Also,
before hacking yourself to level 2, you are strongly advised to  practice 
skills  and spells. For more help try 'HELP PRACTICE'.
 To see who else of your side is in the game, use 'WHO' command, to see who 
else is in your area, use 'WHERE'. And if you happen to see Someone in your 
area, know that this is an enemy, probably looking for a kill. And the target 
is you.
 Type 'COMMANDS' to see the full list of commands available. You can also 
simply type 'HELP' with no argument for a list of all help topics. In case of 
no help available on a topic that in your opinion should have one, or if one 
available on a topic is in some way misleading, please contact Gods by sending
them a note (see 'HELP NOTE').There is also help availvable on following
 Also check out our 'VIEW' command which contains ingame information about
players, gods etc..
 And the final hints: use 'CONSIDER' command before engaging an enemy and
use 'FLEE' command when badly hurt, and you will live a bit longer.
See also: Basics, Advanced, Features, Rules.

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