In the times long forgotten, when the world was covered with ice which 
no living being could stand, there was but one race to live under the sun.
Nowadays they are known as the Ones.  No-one knows where they came from
or who their ancestors were but one thing is known for sure: they had
achieved superb mastery in magic.  None of the races which occupy the world 
today could compete with them in magical powers. 
  After some time the ice pulled off and life appeared in the world.  And
then one day a great plague broke out, touching no-one but them, the Ones.  
Their constitution fell drasticly, the physical powers left them, their 
appearance turned into wraith-form, their eyes could not stand the sun
anymore. However, the illness did not touch their minds which kept their
full clarity.  But otherwise they turned into nothing, into a living void. 
And they hid themselves, hid from all living, as they were now merely
non-living ghosts.
  Nature does not love empty places.  And so the Great Powers came to
fill up the emptiness.
  First came the Light.  It arrived into this world carried within the
souls of humans, elves and dwarves.  Being the cross of elves and humans,
some halfelves were born, thus creating a more superior race than their
ancestors were, The dwarves worked hard minig valuable metals such as
mithril and adamantite; they started forging of sharp blades and light 
armour.  Even some hobbits came from Shiredom and settled down.
   Soon after hobbits, gremlins decided to claim some more living space
and made the northwestern desert their new home.  With gremlins also came
giants, their eternal friends, and built a huge city in the nearby mountains.
   But every coin has two sides. The Light cannot exist without its other
side, the Darkness.  They are bind together.  And so the forces of Shadow
rushed into this world, with mighty orcs, fierce demons and bulky trolls
carrying its fearsome power.  Some humans turned down the powers of Light
and joined the opposite side.  They are now known as the numenorean race.
   The Battle of Power began.  The battle of good and evil.  The battle
for ultimate power.  The battle has shaken this world greatly, leaving no
place untouched.  Many legendary heroes have risen amongst the people.  
And many of them have given their lives for their Power.  Feeling the chance 
of recovering the status of being the most powerful race in the world, the
ghosts joined the fight.  Many living creatures were slain but the
physical losses made it almost impossible for ghosts to become the absolute 
rulers of the world.  The war went on.
   It seems nothing can stop the war, as no side seems to be able to beat 
the others.  But there is still a chance.  And that chance is you. Maybe
you will be the one to put an end to this war and bring the victory to your
side? Worth to try... 

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