This text is mainly for players who have already played other muds, and
want to skip some of the basic help text. However, since there is a lot
of new and different features, you are advised to read newbie help info
anyway. This page is also useful as a quick memory reference for new
and old players.
Here is a small list those commands:
BUTCHER            You don't have to by all your food from shops.
MAP                To check you location in the Realms.
MEND               It is wise to keep you armour in good shape.
RENT               Even greatest heroes have to rest sometimes.
VIEW               Shows several topics to view information about.
WEATHER            Shows weather patterns, fog, and local weather.
WEATHER MAP        Shows global weather in the all Realms.
REPAIR             Fixes your armour in the shop.
REFORGE            Fixes your weapon in the shop.
WHET               Keeps you weapons sharp.
FASTEN             Fasten different items on your mount.
RIDE               Why to walk when you can ride?
ATTRIBUTE          Shows your stats in %.
CRIMINAL           Shows if you have commited any crimes.
TRACK              Track players and animals.
HUNT               Hunt for animals.
SCALP              Take off the scalp from the fallen foe.
QUEST              Quests given by certain mobiles.
Also if would be useful to check the following help topics:
HERBLORES          Herblores are potions that can be made herbs
                   to help stamina in walking, seeing in the dark
                   create poisons, antidotes, etc. These formulas
                   are found after quests.
EPS                Explore points needed to raise levels.
RULES              Rules of Lost Realms.
SPECIALIZATION     You are able to specialize deeper in your class.
REINCARNATE        If you were specialized and decided to try something new
                   this is the way to achieve that.
See also: Newbie, Basics, Features.

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