Players can choose among fourteen different races, each with some unique
characteristics. The races are separated into three striving factions: 
Elves, Half-Elves, Hobbits, Humans, Dwarves, Gremlins, Giants, Kenders
are eternally at war with Orcs, Half-Orcs, Demons, Trolls and Numenoreans.
And as the opposite force to those races stand Ghosts.
The following is a brief list of some features of  Lost Realms:
WAR, WARLORDS - 'VIEW WAR' and 'VIEW WARLORDS' can be used to view the results
of the war between the Good, Dark and Undead.
MOBTROPHY - This is a command showing all the beings you have killed. 
TROPHY - this command show all the players you have killed.
EPS - explore points, these are gained by going to areas that no one else
has been to for a while. 
This is promote adventuring to new areas, since you
need a certain amount of eps per level. Check 'WORTH', 'SCORE' and 'LEVELS'
to see how many you need.
CRIMINAL - You may become criminal person if you kill citizen of the
area you are in. This may cause what all guards in the zone starts hunting
for your head ( Usually this means death ).
HERBLORES - Players can mix herbs to create useful potions, deadly poisons,
food, or other things. They can be made if you have the herbs and a herbal kit
to mix them in. The formulas can be found by finding written recipes or by
BUTCHER, COOK - Butchering is a way to use a knife to recover useful items
from the corpse of a game animal you have killed: meat (you might want to COOK
it on a pan before eating it).
MEND - Items that have become worn such as a dented piece of armor can be taken
to an appropriate shopkeeper and fixed using the repair command. It is also
possible to mend things with your own hands( takes a lot of time but is free ).
WHET - Mend you weapon with this command( whetstone also needed). Or you may
you REFORGE command at shopkeeper.
RIDE - It is possible to ride some animals here. If you riding you spent
less moves and move faster.
See also: Newbie, Basics, Advanced.

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