The most ominous race in this cruel world is the race of ghosts. These 
malicious creatures are the restless spirits of dead. Dealing with dead 
spirits is really dangerous; ghosts know where all the bodies are buried, b
ut they might want to add yours to the crypt. The representatives of this 
race are always invisible for the eyes of others. There is no any obstacle 
in moving for them, they can pass thru any door. Their walking is hard to 
call the real walking, 'cause it looks more like flying. Like any spirits
ghosts don't have a real corporal cover, if you'll try to bash the ghost, 
that will not bring the expected result. You can't hide anything from ghost a
lso you can't hide yourself from him, ghosts can detect invisible and hidden. 
Ghosts perfectly see in dark, but they have to hide away from sun, ghost 
burns down under the sunlight. Fire is also the enemy of this race, all 
spells and skills connected with fire and light are very harmful for ghosts. 
Also the way is set so that silver burns ghosts. 
 Beware the ghosts at night and in the dark rooms...

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