The origin of the first black Numenoreans is in the latter half of the Second
Age. Lovers of power over lesser men, these Numenoreans became corrupted by
Sauron, coming to hate all good peoples. They settled in Middle Earth mainly
in Umbar and surrounding coastal regions. After Sauron's downfall at the
beginning of the Third Age, the bloodlines of these numenorean descendants
mixed with other peoples, especially the Haradrim over which they had
dominion. During the first millenia of the age, they proved strong enemies of
the Dunedain of Gondor, but were permanently scattered when Umbar was taken
in TA 933, and when the subsequent siege was broken in TA 1050. As men, they
are imposing in their height, with angular features. They also make strong
warriors, proud of their heritage. Thus they still retain many of the ancient
characteristics of the Edain, like their cousins the Dunedain.

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