PK - player kill
One or more players fighting against other(s).
Pk is the main action after collecting explore points and experience.
The main idea of pk is killing others or getting killed - simple, isn't it ?
Though there are some rules you must follow...
* Killing chars with same skin as yours isn't allowed. If immortal notices 
  this he has all the rights to punish this player (on his own opinion).
  Usual way is demotion.
* It is totally forbidden to cooperate with players of another skin
 (exceptions are only to blacks+darkies/whities+brownies). Higher gods will
 judge whether the assisting took place or not...
 Punishment is severe demotion.
* (And the best) Higher level gods may decide to punish any action that
  isn't described above, but can be treated as  exhausting the mud.
And... if you follow all those rules and don't cheat... then you should be
fine (as long as you don't discover somebody's blade in you back ).
In case you think that you are too weak and others are too overpowered
(e.g. you are a mage and your opponent is a warrior then don't blame
the mud - mages are not supposed to be able to win in direct fight - if
that's not ok, don't play a mage  

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