This is a brief outline of some of the basic commands that are used in LR.
Further help is available for each of them by typing 'help <topic>', an example
being 'help LOOK'. Most of these commands will be self-evident once you have
seen the name, but please read or at least skim the help on them. 
LOOK - This is used to look at people, objects, exits, creatures, or rooms. It
will provide a description on what is being looked at if one is available.
EXITS - This command shows all the exits out of the current room you are in,
except for hidden exits. In general usage, even outdoor areas are called rooms;
not only the rooms inside a house.
NORTH, EAST, SOUTH, WEST, UP, DOWN - You can move between rooms with several
commands. For example if you type 'EXITS' and it lists an exit to the east,
then you can type 'EAST' to go in that direction. Some exits might need the
climb skill to climb up a tree, or that you have a boat to go into a lake. You
can abbreviate these commands: 'N', 'E', and so on.
GOSSIP, SAY, TELL, YELL, SHOUT - these commands used to communicate with other
people. These are the preferred ones, there are some others but these are
simple to use and can reach most people you might want to. 
GOSSIP and SHOUT are global channels, which means anyone who wants to can hear them anywhere. 
SAY is for people in the same room as you. TELL is used to talk to one
particular person no matter where they are.
REST, SLEEP - These allow you to rest or sleep and thereby regain your health
(hits) after a battle, movement points (after moving) , or mana (used to cast
spells) at a faster rate than you would if you were standing.
WAKE, STAND - If you sleep, rest or fall down you will need to wake and/or
stand before performing certain actions such as walking or fighting.
DRINK, EAT - You can drink out of a fountain by typing 'drink fountain' or
drink out of a cup such as are in the newbie kits by typing 'drink cup'. To eat
some bread you can type 'eat bread'. If you are hungry or thirsty you will not
be able to recover from your exertions (such as fighting) as quickly.
TIME - This command gives the present time to the best of your ability to
guess (  all written in numbers ).
SCORE - This command gives you information on your character, such as age,
weight, hits, mana, experience and other statistics. 
STATS - this command show quick useful subsets of this information.
AFFECT - this command shows an affects you are affected under it.
PRACTICE - This command shows what skills or spells you have learnt, how well
you mastered them, and how many practice sessions you can still use at a guild
to improve your abilities. In the presence of a guildmaster, 'PRACTICE' shows
what is available to be learned, and how hard it will be to learn it. Read
'HELP PRACTICE' for more information on this very important command. 
CONSIDER - You use this to consider if it would be a wise idea to attack a
creature. For example 'CONSIDER spider' might return an easy result against a
tiny spider, and tell you that you will have toget yourself a coffin on the
Crazy King.
WIMPY <NUMBER> - This command allows you to set an amount of hits that
you will try and automatically flee at. For example you might have 30 hits and
decide that you do not to get into a serious fight. So you set your wimpy to 20
by typing WIMPY 20. This means you will automatically try to flee after
you go below 20 hits. Not every attempt at fleeing is successful, so you might
want to FLEE manually.
FLEE - A very useful command when things are not going the way you had hoped
or when attacked by an aggressive creature such as a black wolf. If it works 
you will flee the room you in, leaving through a random exit. You might not be
able to break contact with your enemy and flee the first time. Beware, some
creatures such as wolves might decide to track you down for a distance before
returning home if they haven't caught you.
If you type 'HELP' by itself you will see a list of commands.
See also: Newbie, Advanced, Features.

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