Syntax: <social>
 Syntax: <social> <victim>
 A list of built-in commands used to express yourself.
 accuse       cover        greet        moo          rub          stagger
 adjust       cower        grimace      moon         ruffle       stare
 air          cringe       grin         mosh         run          starve
 altar        criticize    groan        muha         salvation    storm
 angry        cry          grope        mutter       scratch      stretch
 apologize    cuddle       grovel       nibble       scream       strip
 applaud      curse        growl        nod          serenade     stroke
 appreciate   curtsey      grumble      nomercy      shake        strut
 askforgive   dance        hail         noogie       shiver       sulk 
 babble       desperado    hand         nudge        shrug        swoon
 bark         differ       hangover     nuzzle       sigh         tackle
 bcatch       drool        headd        offended     sing         tag
 bearhug      duck         hiccup       pant         slap         tank
 beckon       embrace      hkiss        passout      slobber      tap
 beer         enjoy        homework     pat          smile        tease
 beg          eve          hop          peacepipe    smirk        thank
 bird         explode      howl         peck         smoke        think
 bkiss        eyebrow      hshake       peer         snap         threaten
 bleed        faint        hug          pie          snarl        tickle
 blink        fart         hush         pinch        sneeze       tinkle
 blood        flare        ignore       pissed       snicker      tip
 blush        flash        innocent     plead        sniff        toast
 boast        flex         insane       point        snook        tongue
 boggle       flinch       interrog     poke         snooze       turn
 bonk         flip         judge        ponder       snore        tweak
 bounce       flirt        kiss         pout         snort        twiddle
 bow          flutter      knee         praise       snowball     type
 brb          fondle       laces        pray         snuggle      undress
 burp         forgive      laugh        propose      sob          vampire
 cackle       fours        lick         puff         sorry        view
 caress       french       life         puke         spamm        wave
 charge       frown        lightbulb    punch        spank        whine
 cheer        frustrate    love         purr         spit         whistle
 chuckle      fume         lust         ramble       splatter     wiggle
 clap         gack         marijuana    raspberry    squeal       wince
 collapse     gasp         massage      rofl         squeeze      wink
 comfort      giggle       meditate     roll         squint       yawn
 cough        glare        moan         rose         squirm

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