A very omnious race of Gremlins appeared to Lost Realms right after the World
creation. However they are not the children on this land, but more like the 
outcasts who found a shelter in this World. Their old World seen very little 
of the light and in this world Gremlins can mostly be found in the dark caves,
deep under the surface of the earth. Along with the knowledge of old World 
they kept magical ability to fly and are extremely quick compared to the 
creatures of this World. Their tiny size makes them barely visible and that 
makes them very hard to battle when it comes to it and allows them easely 
sneak up on their victims. 
 Gremlins were able to loose much of their legasy from previous world but 
sun light and any magic involving operations with light have very drastic
effect on them. 
Gremlins are able to speed up and slow down their movement using speed/slow 

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