It is possible for characters to learn herblores.  With these, the
character may combine certain herbs to form an herbal concoction.  These
drinks do not last long, but when they are quaffed, they will affect the
drinker in some way.
To make a draught you must have herbal kit and a glass flask and the
proper ingredients. Put herbs in right order in to kit.
Type mix <lore_name>, the chance of success depends on the characters
abilities and the herblore being used.
Herblores may be learned from ancient books or scrolls or may be taught
to a character by a teacher knowlegable in such things. Some herbs may
be purchased at many magic shops around, but many must be found and
collected in the wild.
Some herbs must be crushed from their natural state -- to do this,
hold the object and type 'crush <object>'.
To see what herblores you know, hold an herbal kit and type 'herblore'.
To see a description of a specific herblore you know, hold the kit
and type 'herblore <lore_name>'.
See also: Scrolls, Books.

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