Kenders are an entirely different race. They are often confused with short 
Humans or very tall Hobbits; They are about four and a half - five feet - and 
have something of the look of the small human. However they have Elf-like 
pointed ears and expressive faces.
 Kenders have unique personalities which make them something of a joke race 
but do not be fooled by their faces. These creatures have no fear, seeming 
oblivious to the possibility that there could be any danger. They are highly 
independent and very mobile, allowing their insatiable curiosity to carry 
them into any situation. Life in the deep desert made them develop immunity 
to certain types of poisons and acid. They also have no concept of personal 
property, and so will take anything which catches their attention, keep it 
for as long as it suits them, and abandon it when they find something to 
replace it.
 The fearlessness does not result in recklessness; Kenders are fierce 
fighters when they need to be, and they are reasonably cautious when not 
driven by their curiosity. They will not throw their lives away haphazardly, 
but will often suggest plans which seem absurd on the surface but might 
succeed. That makes them perfect assassins when it comes to it. Still, if 
there's any place from which no one has returned, Kender wants to be the 
first one to see it. They are interested in everything, from the magical to 
the beautiful to the dangerous to the disgusting. They are impulsive, not 
considering the possible outcomes of their actions.
Kenders have the ability to metamorph into Desert Lion.

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