Every PC race in Lost Relams has its own hometown. By default when you create 
a character you become a citizen of one of the hometowns allowed for your race.
But later for a fair fee you can become a citizen of other places allowed for
your race.
Use command 'citizen list' to see all places where you can become a citizen.
Use command 'citizen become' to become citizen of that place. You must be in
some special room for this command to work. Usually its a recall place of the
zone and could be called something like 'The Altar', 'The Temple' but thats
optional. It will cost you 10 silver per player level.
By default your recall place is set to the first hometown you appeared after
you entered the game. Recall place is the room where you appear after using
'word of recall' spell or 'recall' command. You also appear in the recall
room after you leave Halls Of The Dead. 
If you wish to change your recall place you must find a similar spot in
another town you are citizen in and type there 'citizen recall'. 
Also renting in hometown where is your recall spot is twice cheaper than in 
any  other place.
See also: Rent, Leave.

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