There are 11 languages available in LR :
    westron       - language of humans
    orkish        - language of orcs and halforcs
    gilden        - language of giants and kenders
    morbeth       - language of trolls
    adunaic       - language of numenoreans
    sindarin      - language of elves and half-elves
    infernoz      - language of demons
    kuduk         - language of hobbits
    khuzdul       - language of dwarves
    gleesh        - language of gremlins
    satansel      - language of ghosts
You have chance to learn other language only if speaker has greater
skill percent than you. With learning language you will gain 
some experience points.
You can change the language to speak on. But mind that
if your knowledge of current language is rather bad then
other players won't understand your speech.
SYNTAX: language <required language>
SYNTAX: change language <required language>
SYNTAX: language     - displays list of all languages with percent of 
                       your knowledge for each language and your 
                       currently spoken language.

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