There are various types of Dragons inhabiting Lost Realms but among them
we must put 2 of them into the separate line. Those Dragons were created
by Omen to your aid. 
Tiraxill the Silver Dragon will gladly help anyone who fights on the side
of the good. He is kind and likes to talk about his life when he is back
to his lair.
Tairus the Red Dragon was bound to help creatures of darkness. He is very
vain, selfish and considers himself superior to everything. But being
entangled by the powerful runes he must come to your assistance.
Some rumours say that Tairus even eats those who he carries but we can't
tell for sure; those who were carried by him said they saw no signs or
Both Dragons will require a proof of your boldness and will only help
in case you carry a scalp of your fallen foe in inventory. 
To call the dragon you must tell <dragon name> come here and he will reply
to you. If he arrives, whisper the destination and enjoy the ride.

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