This section describes the weapons that can be discovered in Lost Realms.
Each weapon applies to a specific group of arms, and determines how well a
character fights with a particular weapon.  Unless you become proficient in
a selected weapon class, you will suffer penalties while fighting.
The subsections basically mirror the weapon profiencies present in the game:
Axe                The use of Axes, Woodaxes, Handaxes, Battle axes, Cleavers.
Mace               The use of Maces, Clubs, Warhammers.
Bows               The use of Bows, Crossbows, Slings, Long bows.
Polearms           The use of Pole weapons, Halberds.
Swords             The use of Swords, Longswords, Scimitars, Rapiers.
Spear              The use of Spears and Staves.
Whip               The use of Whips, Chains, Bullwhips.
Dagger             The use of Daggers, Knives, Small Swords.
Flail              The use of Flails.
Two Handed Weapons The use of Two-handed weapons like Claymores.
To learn more about specific Weapons type: Help <weapon name>.
See also: Skills, Armors.

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