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Newbie section

- Connecting to Lost Realms
- Creating a character
- First steps
- Communication
- Basics
- Advanced commands
- Practicing
- Advancing your character

Connecting to Lost Realms

Connecting to Lost Realms is really simple and even though it is adviced to use a MUD client to play the game you can connect using a plain telnet.
Just click on
this link and choose one of the options given.

Creating a character

This is a most important step. You must decide who you want to become in Lost Realms. If you know nothing about Lost Realms it is adviced to choose inexprienced option during character creation. By doing so you only be able to choose from the Good Side races, they are considered easy to play and usually have more safe havens to run into in case of danger.
Click here to see what races are available in Lost Realms.

Next thing you do is pick a class. Some classes are given to all races some are not, but usually warrior class is given to everyone. Also it is said that warriors are easiest to level. So we suggest to take a warrior as your first character if available.
Click here to see what class are available in Lost Realms.

The reroll stage offers two options - either you pick a preconfigured stats, or you do it yourself. Preconfigured stats are as good as manually chosen, but you may want to play with them to get a better customization.

About accounts. Lost Realms has a built in account system which provides alot of useful features for players and even more for immortals (multiplaying is impossible, once read note by one character doesn't need to read again by another and many others). Just remember that you must have only one account where you will keep all your characters. If you forgot your account name, you can always see its name if you enter account shell or type 'account' in the game.
Once in account menu, type connect to connect to Lost Realms.

First steps in Lost Realms

You will appear in the place called The Halls of Dead. This is where all new characters begin their journey and this is where everyone end up after dying. If you chosen inexperienced option you will see a tutorial running. This tutorial is supposed to help you learn the commands needed to play the Lost Realms. If you feel you know enough you can stop it at any time with tutorial stop command.
Most probably you will see alot of unread news mesages and you better read them as they represent the changes made in the game - news next will do the trick.
Next thing you want to do is start playing. To do so you type leave and after some cool fancy messages you will appear in the world. This is where the real fun begins.


The communication in Lost Realms can be done in several ways. You can use of one the following channels:
gossip - this will be heard by every player from your side, even if they are sleeping (but it doesn't mean that it will be understood by everyone though).
shout - this will be heard AND understood by every player from your side who is awake.
music - this will be heard by all all awake players from your side (note that many have this channel off).
yell - this will be heard by every awake player in your zone.
tell - this is a direct channel and will be heard only by you and the target (the reply command will send a message to the last player who told you something).
say and whisper will be heard by every awake player in the same room with you.


Most of the basic commands are explained in the tutorial and it is advised for you to carefully read the information provided by tutorial.
Type who to see who is online. Please note that you only will see players who are on the same side of war as yourself.
Type look to see where you are at and where to see who is around you. If all of sudden you will see Someone this means that an opposite side player is nearby, looking for a kill. Usually they will look like *an Orc* or *Calvran the Demon* and its in your interest to avoid them on low levels. To prevent him attacking you type peaceful (see the help peaceful to see how it works).
HELP by itself is very useful command, refer to it often when you need information on something.
Exits command will show all visible exits out of this room. To move from one room to another you use direction commands like north, south, east, west, up and down.
Game news, announcement from immortals and player discussions can be read on the ingame board. Use note read command to gain access to that information (see 'help board' for details).
Click on
this link to see a help files for the basic commands you will need to know to play the game.

Advanced commands

Lost Realms is a very advanced MUD and it has a lot of features you haven't seen anywhere else. You can mix potions, fly on dragons, ride mounts, metamorph into different forms, conquer towns and strongholds, specialize deeper in your class and do many other interesting things.
this and this links to read more about it.


Practicing skills and spells is a very important part of game play. Without skills or spells you won't be able to progress. You get a fixed number of practices with every gained level and there are no other means to gain practice sessions. So chose wisely what you practice.
You can only practice your skills and spells in the guild. For different skills/spells there are different guilds and you must look for one before you will be able to practice. Once you found a guild you type practice and see the list of the skills you are able to practice if any.
By default skill practicing is automated and you will practice a skill untill you reach the limit or run out of practice sessions. You can stop stop practicing at any moment if you just rest, leave the room or type practice stop. Or if you don't wish the practice to be automated you can type change practice and it will be manual.
To practice the skill you type practice [skill name].
For every skill there is a help file, just type help [skill name] and read the information that will appear.

Advancing your character

Coming soon