When a player reaches the level of 41 he now has a new option besides
only remorting.  He can now get his own little home or place to rent.  This
is done by collecting gold, paying an immortal, putting up a request for how
the area/house should look and we make it for you.  You can then buy
different things for your house, such as guards, mounts, and other small
stuff.  You will be able to rent in your legend home for free.  But each
month you will be forced to pay a fee for the house and/or the different
things in it.  The numbers below indicate how much it costs to first buy a
NPC/trivia thing and then how much it costs to keep it each month.  We hope
this can bring happines to one and all.  
A house with 3 rooms: 15000     (200)
An extra room:        3000      (50)
A Rentmaster:         2000      (50)
A respawning mount:   500       (10)
A Fountain:           500       (10)
A door:               300-3000  (10-100) This is depending on nobreak and such.
A Guard:              500       (20)
A Hole:               10000     (100) To where you want (Restrictions apply)
A Chest (with a key): 700       (20)
A new housekey:       100       (0)
When and if you want a house, you contact an immortal about payment. As such, 
All payment for houses will be made to Majere only. No other immortal will 
receive cash. You can contact any immortal about beeing interested and such 
and they will tell Majere about it.
It is also possible for a fee of 200 gold to be charged to change the desc of 
things, such as making the Rentmaster`s name "An evil necromancer" or something
like that.
Of course, the name needs to be checked and approved by the responsible 
immortal. The name needs to be checked by the responsible immortal.
If you fail to make your monthly payment you wont be able to rent until you 
have paid the amount of gold you owe by the command 'pay now
If there are any questions please forward them to Majere or Omen.

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