Immortal quest is the only way for a player to achieve immortality. It was
designed as a mean to check his knowledge of this game. The tasks given to 
player on this quest will reveal his knowledge of areas, knowledge of certain
mobiles and way to defeat them and small tasks to check if player is able to
solve certain logical and mathematical problems.
Once taking the quest player will loose all the means to travel around the
world using magical ways. That means that he won't be able to cast teleport,
word of recall, enter magical portals created by other players or be summoned.
The requirements on getting the quest are following:
-Minimum level 41
-Character must be one of the good/neutral races.
-Decent knowledge of english language to understand the tasks.
By taking the quest consider your character completely ruined. If it was higher
than level 41 it will be reduced down to level 41 and upon completing the quest
will become an Immortal. If you fail to complete the quest - the character will
get a Real Death flag. 
The time given to you on the quest is 30 real life days. You can always check
your quest status by typing 'quest personal'. 
During the time of the quest you must avoid any PK encounters and using the
powers you gained to harm other players. Consider your quest failed if you do
The quest can be obtained from the Avatar of Omen . The words: 
'I wish to become an immortal' will do the trick.
Any typos, mistakes in quest flow must be instantly bug reported.

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