Guild command is used to add new guilds to your characters. When you start
your character you get access to four baisc guilds: thief, warrior, mage
and cleric (psionicists don't have access to last two guilds as they have
their own unique spells). Adding a guild will cost you some quest points and
gold (amount of gold depends on your level and total number of guilds you 
are a member of).
Old time players can get themself a bonus to ONE guild they have and thanks
to that bonus they can train higher than normally in that guild.
One can leave a guild anytime he wants but don't expect getting gold or
quest points back.
Anything you do about the guild must be done in the room where guildmaster
 - guild (will show a list of guilds you already have)
 - guild list (will show a list of guilds you can be a member of)
 - guild <name of the guild> (become a member of the guild)
 - guild remove <name of the guild> (leave the guild)
 - guild bonus <name of the guild> (old players only, read above for info)
 - guild reset <name of the guild> will reset all skills in that guild
See also: Practice, Train, Skills, Spells.

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