Syntax: trap <arguments>
Set snares skill is used to set a small trap in the room which will be 
triggered when someone enters the room or someone curious will pick it up.
Typing 'TRAP' without an argument will give you a list of all possible
options you can use within this command. Also you will need a special box
containing all the ingredients one will need to set up the trap. 
You want to set up a trap which will trigger when someone enters from the
north in your room and want this trap to entangle him as he enters.
To do so you must do the following:
* >trap box set move north ( that will set trap for north direction )
* >trap box set damage entangle ( that will make trap entangle target )
* >trap box view ( that will display current trap setup )
* >trap box activate ( that will charge and setup the trap )
* >trap box activate hidden ( that will change and setup trap hidden )
if you know room has hidden traps and want to disarm them:
* >trap search
if you want to diarm a visible trap:
* >trap box deactivate 

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