In Lost Realms you have an unique opportunity in learning different talents.
Those talents greatly increase the roleplaying aspect of the game.
You can choose some of the talents allowed for your race/class and you can
always increase your knowledge of those talents. 
 Some talents are given to you by default ( but you can improve them as well)
and some you must learn. 
- Type 'talent list' to see the list of all available talents.
- Type 'talent' without argument to see the list of already learned talents.
- Type 'talent <talent name>' to improve your knowledge in the talent.
Some talents are very important for normal gameplay ( like healing ), some
helps you in doing something ( like reading helps understanding the meaning
of the scroll you recite ) and some are made just for pure joy.
To learn some talent you need to have a special talent points ( you receive
talent points each 5 levels). You can always see how many talent points you
have by typing 'talent' without any argument.
See also: Skills, Practice.

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