A death trap is a room where anyone who enters dies immediately. Examples
of death traps are bottomless pits, gaping precipices, or lava-filled lakes.
Upon entering a death trap, you will have one chance to retrace your steps.
Failure means instant death; your equipment,  except some particular cases,
will be lost forever.  If you are leading a group and  you stumble in a DT,
your followers will see your fatal mistake and will not follow you. 
All the death traps are clearly marked: if you read the descriptions
thoroughly, and if you "look <direction>" when you are in doubt, you should 
have little chance of entering a death trap. Some DTs are lit so you can have
little doubts about what they are - e.g. "In Mid-Air", but others are not
- e.g. "A Dark Hole" would look silly if lit. Many death-traps cannot be fled
into, but this is not a rule. 
Dying in a death trap does not reduce your experience, but it will decrease
your travel points total. Should it fall below the minimum required for your
present level, you will lose a level.
See also: Death.

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