These rules contain regulations for same side playerkilling. They are far
more important for the good races than the evil, since the later are
supposed to be chaotic.
- Player killing between players from different sides of war is ALLOWED.
- Player killing between players of same side is NOT allowed. You have the 
  chance in killing the same side player but remember that after a certain
  number of same side pkilling a REAL DEATH flag will be given to your 
- Giving enemy PCs heavy things (like 10 canoes) during a fight to screw up
  their dodge bonus and moves is illegal, since obviously there is no way the
  *orc* would really take your canoes. NOTE: it would be illegal with mobs
  also, except for the fact that weight doesn't affect mobs' bonuses, so you
  might as well not do it.
- Cooperation with different skins.
  You are NOT allowed in any way, actively or passively, to help enemy
  players. Members of opposite sides cannot collaborate, communicate, or 
  otherwise interact in any matter but as supreme, utter enemies. Fight or 
  flee. Though noone will say anything against battle taunts but a friendly
  chat or transfer of information from side to side is NOT allowed.

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