These rules are probably the most important ones. They exist in order to
make sure this game is fair to everyone, be it a newcomer or an experienced
- Keep your characters separate.
  In Lost Realms you are not allowed to play two or more characters at the same
  time, the consequence of this is that knowledge gained by one character 
  should not be directly transferred to your other characters.
- Do not share or trade characters.
  Character trading or selling is illegal. Note that setting a lousy password
  in order to make the character hackable by a friend is also not acceptable.
  Sharing characters between players is also illegal. The penalty for any of
  the above will generally be the removal of the characters in question.
- Any form of information exchange between the good and the evil races is
  strictly forbidden.
- Robots, spamming.
  Do not use robots. Robot is char leaded by any program while owner of that
  char doesn't observe it. If Immortals find that your char is robot, your
  char will be killed and equipment will be purged.
- Multiplaying (having more than one character of yours connected at the
  same time) is forbidden. Before logging on another character, the previous 
  character you played must have rented at an inn: if you have a linkless 
  character, you MUST rent that character before playing another. 
  This rule is enforced by account code.
- You can only have ONE account and it can only have _ONE_ owner.
  The penalty for having more than one account is beyond imagination. 
  An account must not be traded or given away.
  Traded/shared/given accounts will be deleted completely.
  If you accedently created more than one account you must instantly merge it
  in to your main account.
- Bugs and typos.
  Abusing bugs will be punished. If you find a bug better announce it to an
  Immortal player.
- Asking for or accepting favours from Immortals is forbidden and severely

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