All characters in this mud are organized into accounts. You can have    
only ONE ACCOUNT, and different players may not share the same account.
There is no limit on the number of characters you may own, but they
must all belong to the same account. Players who violate this rule will
be punished by loseing all of their characters.
If you already have an account, you must use its name and should not
create new one. Then every time you create a character (or log in old
character) and is asked for account - use your master account name.
If you forgot your account password, make a temporary character, and
immediately contact the Gods about your problem via the "pray" command.
Failure in doing so will result in the permanent loss of all your
characters. Finally, if you have never played before, or if all of your
characters were deleted due to inactivity - create a new account.
See also: Rules.

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