There are two reasons for you to retire: to prevent auto deletion of your 
character or to obtain a reroll or practice reset.
Your characters have a limited lifespan after you log off, before they are 
deleted, irrespective of how much gold or equipment they have for renting. 
This time period is approximately Level * 7 Real Life days. If you will be 
unable to log in for an extended period and yet want to return at a later 
date with the same character you need to retire him/her.
In order to retire you must go to a receptionist and type "rent retire". 
You need to have enough money to rent for 15 days to be able to retire.
The cost of retiring is one (rent per day)*15. However, once you have retired
there will be no further cost. If you wish to check the cost of retirement 
before you actually retire you may do so with the command "offer retire" at 
a receptionist.
To leave the retirement home you use the "leave" command. You can leave at
any time; if you leave before 15 days you will not be able to use the
"pracreset" and "preroll" commands ("pracreset" allows you to reset your 
practices, "preroll" lets you make changes to your statistics. They may be 
used any time after 15 days of retirement, but they must be used WHILE YOU
ARE STILL RETIRED). Please do not "leave" before using "preroll" or 
"pracreset". If you do so the gods will not grant you a reroll/reset and you 
will have to retire for 15 more days to obtain it.
Special notes:
1) Low level retired characters are periodically deleted after long period of
inactiveness. While the details of this purging is not specific it is 
generally safe to assume that "long" is greater than one year and low level 
refer to characters under level 20.
2) Characters under level 10 cannot "rent retire."

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