hide <effort>, one of quickly/fast/normally/carefully/thoroughly
When you type hide there is a chance that you hide in the room. 
Only a few informative commands do not reveal you from hiding. Any other
command will instantly reveal you. People with "detect hidden" will know 
someone is hidden, but won't be able to do anything to you until you are 
It is easier to hide in some places, e.g. forests. The more carefully you 
hide, the better your chances of success and the better you will be hidden. 
It is impossible to hide if someone or something is looking, except if they 
are in the same group as you.
Attacks from hiding have the benefit of surprise.
hide carefully
HIDE <object>
You can try to hide an object in a room. This object will stay there unless 
discovered by another player. Hidden objects won't survive crashes and 
See also: Reveal, Search, Flush, Backstab.

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