The true followers of their Gods and Shamans  are granted a special protection
versus undead. This protection has great affect on undead persons like 
vampires, skeletons, zombies, wraiths and ghosts. The effect of this protection
highly depends on the willpower of user and of course the powers of the undead.
The higher the level of the creature the more chance it has to withstand the
affect of this skill.
The effect caused to the target depends on the user alignment.  
Undead can be feared, held or damaged..  Evil clerics of great power can even
take control over the undead for the short period of time their. Good clerics
can destroy undeads completely. If creature destroyed then cleric receives 
experience points and war points as if its a normal kill.
To make this skill affect undeads cleric must stand still and concentrate on
the turning undead, nothing else.
Syntax: turnundead

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