These rules regulate how you're expected to make yourself heard in Lost Realms:
- Lost Realms is an English mud, this means that communication generally
  should be in english but local channels may be used for whatever language.
- Do not spam global channels. Use the right channel for the "right"
- Global channels.
  Global channels are shout, gossip, pray. The only language that must be used 
  in these channels is english. It is also totally forbidden to use an abusive
  language in global channels. Punishment for violating this rule is freeze
  for 1 week without questions.
- Talking with Immortal players.
  If you are talking with any Immortal player, despite of his position, you 
  must show respect. Do not swear talking with Immortal player. Also do not 
  disturb Immortals with stupid questions.

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