Swimming allows you to enter rivers and lakes without a boat and survive.
It is also the only way to enter underwater places. Your swimming skill
will be checked each time you enter the water, when you try to get back on
ground, when you move from a water room to another and every few seconds
spent in the water. Failure means that you gulped some water and choked.
Swimming will also consume your movement points quickly. You will drown
if you become exhausted while swimming, or if you fail too many checks.
Finally, when swimming underwater you must also take into consideration
how long you can hold your breath. Underwater fights are particularly bad
for your health, unless you can resurface quickly.
The 'swim' command switches on and off your ability to swim. When 'swim'
is turned off, you will not enter the water by moving, fleeing or
following someone, unless you have a boat. It is possible, however, to
teleport or to fall from a cliff into a river.
See also: Climb, Drowning, Boats.

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