Syntax: colour    Toggles colour mode on/off
        You may also talk in colour; the format is like this:
        the 'escape character' to specify a colour is the left
        handed brace '{', following
        that you should use one of the following letters,
                {r     red     {c     cyan
                {g     green   {y     yellow
                {b     blue    {w     white
                {m     magenta {x     clear(reset colour)
                {{     { char  {*     beep
                {/     newline
        when using colour, it looks better if you finish the line
        with whatever colour it would normally be in, such as a
        gossip, the colour is magenta, so:
                Omen gossips 'hello, world'
        looks better than:
                Omen gossips 'hello, world'
colour <field> <colour>
colour <field> beep|nobeep
Possible fields are:
default all text auction auction_text gossip gossip_text music music_text
yell say say_text tell tell_text shout shout_text reply reply_text
gtell_text gtell_type wiz(imms only) enemy
room_title room_text room_exits room_things fight_death fight_yhit 
fight_ohit fight_thit fight_skill.
Possible colours are:
red hi-red green hi-green yellow hi-yellow blue hi-blue magneta hi-magneta
cyan hi-cyan white hi-white grey beep nobeep

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