Astral sphere contains spells what mostly modify minds and use divine
Astral sphere contains spells:
Bless               - Raises targets morale and helps against spells.
Weaken              - Weakens victim.
Holy Rage           - Enrages caster so he will hit harder.
Holy Word           - Cures all near caster from poison, disease and blindness.
Remove Curse        - Removes curse from object or creature.
Hold person         - Holds creature for four combat rounds.
Divine Madness      - Drives victim into deep craze.
Dispel Magic        - Dispels magic from creatures or objects.
Giant Strength      - Strengthens target.
Hole                - Creates a dimensional hole to transport caster.
Curse               - Curses object or creature.
Divine Fury         - Increases maximum hit points and helps versus spells.
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